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about me

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a bit!  I'm humbled and honored that you're checking out my work and my website. 

I was born in El Salvador and moved to new Mexico when I was 4 years old. I love New Mexico!!! it took me becoming an appreciative adult to value the beauty this state has to offer. silly me for wanting to move away as a teenager. now I'm not sure I would last long and would miss New Mexican food wayyyyy too much, haha. 

I grew up with a single, widowed mom and learned so much from it, such as, you should never take for granted your loved ones and cherish every moment you have with them and go ahead and book that photo session you've been thinking about!! :) as cliche as it sounds my faith and my family are my driving forces.

I'm married and we have an old cat. I got him when he was only 2 months old so he's definitely my fur baby.

the hubby and I love to travel...and I mean love it!!! 

I got interested in photography when I was in middle school. I was on the newspaper team and the teacher in charge handed me a camera and designated me one of the photographers and i't' was all history from there! my very first job I bought a Nikon slr camera as soon as I got my first paycheck. my friends would tease me and call me, the reporter, because I was always with my massive camera.

I've always loved capturing candid moments. 

I would be beyond honored to capture your special moments and unforgettable seasons of life. those moments and seasons don't come back and I've learned throughout my own life that they go by so quickly. nothing like having beautiful images to look back on.


If you're a new client, I cannot wait to meet you! I have clients that I've been working with for years and have captured so many special moments for and now I consider them friends. I cannot wait to work with you and establish a long-lasting relationship!  

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my cat, Sebastian


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