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6 of the Best Family Photo Locations Near Santa Fe, NM

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is home to so many beautiful family photo locations! Whether you are searching for a spot for family photos in the historic downtown or one of the lush parks, here are six of the best family photo locations near Santa Fe. And just because this post focuses on family photos doesn’t mean these locations aren’t perfect for other portraits! I’ve taken many senior photos, engagement photos, and other portraits in these locations.

Historic downtown Santa Fe is one of the best spots for photos in the area! Downtown Santa Fe is very walkable, with winding streets dotted with everything from boutiques to art galleries. The narrow streets and adobe buildings are a charming backdrop for taking family photos! Downtown is colorful and vibrant with turquoise accents and hanging red chili ristras. At the heart of downtown, you’ll find the Santa Fe Plaza, which has been a gathering place for nearly 400 years. The plaza has frequent events that celebrate New Mexico’s rich culture. The plaza is perfectly picturesque, with views of the iconic Cathedral Basilica St. Francis of Assisi and Palace of the Governors. Downtown is the perfect location to capture the essence of Santa Fe’s history and culture!

Note: If you get married in Santa Fe, downtown is also perfect for bridal portraits or your first look.


If you’re looking for a more natural setting for your family photos, the Santa Fe National Forest is the perfect place! It is a beautiful and serene location for photos, with towering pine trees and incredible views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The national forest covers 1.6 million acres of mountains, valleys, and mesas, meaning there are countless trails and spots for photos. The diversity gives you the options of a wooded, mountainous backdrop or even desert scenery with tall grass and seasonal wildflowers. Ask me about my favorite spots in the Santa Fe National forest for photos!


The Santa Fe River Park West is a peaceful oasis right in the middle of a busy city! This park is perfect for families who want to incorporate water in their photos. The Santa Fe River, a tributary of the incredible Rio Grande, runs through the park, creating a beautiful natural setting right in the heart of the city. There are tree-lined walkways with gorgeous river views, making it a great place to take family photos! The park also has a playground for the kids to play and get all their energy out. River Park West is perfect for spring and early summer when the river is flowing before the water dries out for the season.


Railyard Park is another excellent option for families who want to incorporate the feel of Santa Fe into their family photos! Located in a revitalized neighborhood of Santa Fe, Railyard Park is home to some of the city's best galleries, shops, and restaurants. The 10-acre spot used to be a railyard. Now there are farmers' markets, craft fairs, and more performances here weekly! It’s one of Santa Fe’s best spots to gather. I especially love Railyard Park in the spring when everything is blooming! There is a beautiful walkway here that’s perfect for photos. The Rail Trail will soon connect Railyard Park to the trail that runs through the city. There are lots of fun things for kids to do at Railyard Park, like the playground and splash park! Here you can get some fun photos of your family enjoying all the city offers.


The Santa Fe Federal Courthouse is a beautiful stone building with incredible architecture and landscaping. The grand-looking Greek Revival-style courthouse was initially built to be the capitol. Construction started on the courthouse back in 1853! The building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The courtyard and gardens are lovely spots for family photos or other types of photo sessions!


Harvey Cornell Rose Park is another picturesque photo location in Santa Fe! The park was established over 60 years ago, and the first roses to be planted climbed along the fence at the park's edge. Today there are 20 varieties of different-colored rose bushes and more than 400 plants in the garden. There is also a charming water fountain that provides an excellent backdrop for photos! Harvey Cornell Rose Park is especially popular for summer and early fall pictures.

These are just a few of my favorite locations for family photos in and around Santa Fe. So whether you’re looking for a setting that celebrates the amazing nature of the area or the historic city, Santa Fe has a location perfect for you! With its charming architecture, picturesque landscapes, and rich history, Santa Fe is the ideal place to take family photos!


As a professional photographer, I can help you find the right location for your family photo session. So contact me today, and we can chat about finding a beautiful and meaningful spot for your photos!

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