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5 Tips for Gorgeous Family Photos in the Spring

Although fall is typically the most popular time for family photos, spring family photos can be just as beautiful! As the greenery returns to life, it sets a gorgeous stage for taking photos. If you love the bright, airy aesthetic and pastel colors, spring might be the perfect time to schedule your family photo session! And because spring isn’t typical family photo season, booking your favorite photographer is easier. Spring family photos also mean fewer crowds at popular photo locations. In this post, I’ll share five ideas for taking gorgeous family photos in the spring:

1. Find the Perfect Location

There are so many beautiful options for spring family photos here in New Mexico! With blooms and greenery returning, spring is one of the most vibrant and colorful times. When it comes to choosing the perfect location for your family’s photo session, look for a spot that fits your style and interests. Consider a botanical garden, city park, or forest if you’re looking for bright colors and natural light! Or maybe you’re thinking of a laid-back vibe for your family photos! You could have your session on your family’s property or at a rustic farm or vineyard. Read about my favorite family photo locations near Santa Fe here!

2. Choose a Spring Color Scheme

Color is a huge part of photography, and choosing the right color scheme for your spring family photos can make a big difference in how your session turns out. To embrace spring colors, consider using lighter, pastel colors in your color scheme. Colors like light blue, pink, yellow, and green can help to create a soft, dreamy look. Experiment with color combinations that fit your vision for your spring photo session, then choose outfits for the family in your color scheme.

3. Spring Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Choosing the perfect outfits for family photos can be a difficult task! For a springtime look, it’s best to stick to light and airy fabrics. Choose a couple of clothing items within your color scheme. Play around with pastels and natural prints, like florals. Coordinate your family’s outfits instead of matching them perfectly. Look for colors and patterns that complement each other! Don’t forget that spring weather can be a little unpredictable, so you may need to add a layer. Pay attention to the weather forecast for your session location so you can be prepared. If you have little ones and there has been a lot of rain, rain boots can add a playful (and practical) touch to their outfits. Read my favorite tips for what to wear for your photoshoot here!

4. Incorporate Props for a Personal Touch

One way to add a personal touch to your family photos is by adding props! Add a bicycle, kite, umbrella, or flowers as props to keep with the spring theme. Props can also help kids stay engaged and happy during a family photo session. For example, if your kids have a favorite family activity, you could incorporate it into your photos. A few more ideas for props include:

  • Picnic Basket & Blanket - A picnic basket and blanket are classic springtime props that can be used for a relaxed picnic-themed family photoshoot.

  • Butterfly Nets - Butterfly nets are a fun, playful prop that can add a fun element to your family photo session.

  • Spring-Themed Signs - You could create your own spring-themed signs as a family project or buy signs with sayings like “Hello Spring” or “Bloom Where You’re Planted.”

  • Bubbles - Bubbles are another fun prop to include in a photo session! You could bring a bubble machine or giant bubble wands and have your kids blow bubbles or chase and pop them.

Think of how much fun a playful spring family session will be! Look for props that fit your family’s style and interests so they can add personality and creativity to your session. Need some tips on how to have a successful family photo session with young children? Click here!

Picnic family photos in the spring

5. Embrace the New Mexico Wind

Although spring can be windy in New Mexico, a breeze can actually add to your photos! How? Wind creates movement with your hair and clothes, giving you a naturally gorgeous look! It can also help to loosen up your family and encourage natural, relaxed poses instead of being overly stiff. So embrace the wind and the movement it creates in your family photos!

Plan Your Spring Family Photo Session

Cherry blossom tree spring family photo session

Spring is the perfect time to capture family memories, especially if you are going for a bright and airy look. Whether you choose a garden, farm, park, or other location, there are endless possibilities! With a little planning, your family can have a unique, gorgeous session with the right location, color scheme outfits, and props. If you’re looking for an experienced family photographer in New Mexico, look no further! I’m now booking spring family photo sessions. I’ll take the time to get to know your family and make your vision a reality. From selecting the perfect location to choosing outfits and props, I’ll help you through the family photo process. Reach out to me today to book your family photo session!

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