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Why Photographers Attend Content Workshops

Content workshops are a popular way for photographers to connect with their peers and take some unique photos they might not otherwise have the opportunity to take. Most content workshops are put together by photographers who provide education and mentorships, and some are put together solely for photo purposes and are usually called “shoot-outs.” These shoot-outs are photographers coming together to get beautiful photos and learn from each other without specific education or mentorships. They book multiple shoots in scenic locations so participants can work on their skills while building a beautiful portfolio. Last July, I did my first content workshop with Cactus and Pine, a collective of photographers who create creative photoshoots while focusing on connection and diversity. Here are a few of my takeaways from the workshop:

Benefits of Content Workshops

Content workshops can take you to your dream destinations.

One of the top reasons I chose the workshop I did was because it was in my happy place—Hawaii! I have wanted to shoot here, so it was amazing to finally take some photos in a dream destination. I got to better my photography skills AND go on vacation…it’s a win-win situation!

Hawaii content workshop cliffside elopement photos

Content shoots can help you make the best out of your slow season.

Each year has a slower season for weddings, so why not make the best use of your slower time and learn something new? A content workshop is a great way to hone your skills when you’re not as busy shooting your own clients. Plus, you get to stay sharp behind the camera during a time of the year when you usually don’t get as much practice!

You have more time + control to compose your shots.

There are so many benefits to doing a content workshop. First and foremost, you have control to take the shots you’ve always wanted! Most content workshop organizers set aside enough time for each photographer to get their dream shots. Wedding days can be hectic, and time flies by, so having as much time as you need to compose a beautiful shot is incredibly helpful. Then you can use the skills you learned on a live wedding day to create the best photos possible!

You learn from your peers.

I learned so much from watching other photographers in their zone on my first content shoot. Each photographer has a unique process, and it was fantastic to learn some helpful prompts for future clients. I also learned some different techniques for fun and creative photos.

You get to connect with vendors.

In addition to learning from fellow photographers, you get to connect with other photographers and vendors on a content shoot. It was awesome to meet vendors from all over the place and feel like a part of a community. I’m big on community over competition, so I loved connecting with talented wedding vendors!

Hawaii Content Workshop

The content workshop I attended in Hawaii was comprised of three separate styled shoots. I’m so excited to share a few of the photos and my takeaways from each shoot:

Lifestyle Beach Shoot

The first styled shoot was a couple’s photoshoot at the beach. It was SOOO much fun! The models were a young, fun couple who were up for the challenge. They even went out on surfboards! My favorite part of this shoot was posing the couple in the sand and the water. It was an incredible experience, and I love how the photos turned out!

Editorial Shoot

The next styled shoot was an editorial shoot. During this shoot, I learned so much from other photographers. I typically work with couples and families, so I had to step out of my comfort zone. We had to think outside the box and do more editorial posing during this session, and WOW! The end result was so dreamy! I am still in awe that I had the opportunity to participate in this photoshoot.

Cliffside Elopement

The last styled shoot was a cliffside elopement! If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you know just how gorgeous the views from oceanside cliffs can be. That day it happened to be super windy and it even rained on us, so we had to be creative in how we posed the couple! We ended up with some beautiful, dramatic shots in the crazy wind.

My Takeaways

This content workshop definitely won’t be my last! I learned so much from each of the photoshoots and from the other photographers. The way they posed the models inspired ideas for prompts I can use with my clients. And I got to experience photographing couples in one of my favorite locations ever! So if you are thinking of trying a content workshop, just do it!

Book Your Photo Session

Do you have a creative idea for a photo session you’d like to bring to life? I’d love to hear all about it! Contact me here today!

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